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Frequently Asked Questions


What Version Do I Have? TOP

To find out what version your sitebuilder is, log into your storeadmin area and look at the bottom copyright area.  It should specify your version. 

What Versions Are Your Mods For? TOP

All of our listed mods are for version 2.72 and/or 2.81.  If you need a mod for an earlier version, use our Request A Mod form, and we will do our best to create the mod for you.

Do You Install The Mod For Me? TOP

Yes we install all the mods.  Each price is for 1 site only, so if you need the mod installed on more than 1 site, change the qty to however many sites you need them on and enter the logins needed for each site. Each mod is licensed for use on a single domain and can only be used on the version it is installed on.  If you later want to upgrade your cart, you will need to order the mod again for the new version as each version's files are different and therefore the mod itself is coded differently.

What If The Files You Are Modifying Have Been Altered? TOP

If the files that we will be modifying have already been modified from standard installation, you will need to let us know so that we can use the most recent copy of your files to modify.  Otherwise we use the standard files that were installed for the version you were using.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Mod? TOP

We normally have all mods installed within 48 hours after placing the order.  This of course is after we have all the information to complete your order.

Do You Have A Refund Policy? TOP

Modification Services are not refundable, as long as they work as described.  Please contact us with any questions.

What Access Information Will You Need? TOP

We will need your cpanel/ftp login to upload the files and your storeadmin login to test the mod and make sure it is working correctly.

Will These Mods Work On My Cart? TOP

Our mods work with the sitebuilder cart version 2.72 and/or 2.81.  If you are not sure what type of cart you are using, please email us and we will verify that our mods will work with your cart. Here are a few carts/hosting companies that our mods will definatley work with: (not the ultimate cart they now offer)


What Are Your Terms/Policies? TOP

Please visit our Terms/Policies page.

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