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Mobile Shopping for your Website

Mobile shopping for your DIY site is just a few clicks away! 

Sure there are a lot of free apps out there that will convert your site to mobile friendly, but they dont allow ecommerce.  This One Does! It works specifically with sitebuilders 2.7 and up and mobile mals-e.  No duplicating content or products!

* Your website must be a static site, if not please add that option below. If you are not sure, look at your page extensions if they are .php it is NOT static.  If they are .htm or .html, then it is static and you dont need to add that on.

Also included:

Custom Icon Color
- These are the icons used in the navigation bar across the bottom of your mobile site. Our software comes with two built-in icon colors for your use (white and black.) If you'd like a custom color, we can gladly create those for you. Simply tell us the color in the comments. (HEX value please) If no color is provided, we'll create the color we feel would work best with your theme.

Matching Theme Design - Using the colors from your full site, we'll create a matching mobile theme. We'll also create a mobile logo for your site. This service may take up to 3 business days for completion and is NOT a custom design service. Our designers will simply match your full site as best as possible.

Mobile Icon - Using your logo, a product picture, or other recognizable mark we will create a mobile icon for your site. This is the icon that customers will see if they bookmark your site on some devices (Apple devices, for example.) This is not a custom design service; we'll simply match your full site as best possible.

The fee includes a license for you domain, so 1 domain per order.

Visit the following sites on your mobile device to see some of our Mobile Mods in actions!!

Storeadmin User and Password:
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Static Pages (required if your site isnt already): (add $50.00)
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