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Please note: All of our mods listed are for Sitebuilder version 2.72 and/or 2.81. Do not order any of these mods for older versions of Sitebuilder.  If you are unsure of your cart or version, please see our Faqs. If you need a mod for an older version, please use our Request A Mod.

Mod Installation

Once we have received your order with apprpriate login information and payment, most mods will be installed within 48 hours.

Mod Support

Mod Your Cart will provide support for your mod purchase for 30 days from installation. Your mod will be installed for the version you are currently running. If you later decide to upgrade, please verify with your cart owner that the upgraded version supports mods from your current version first. We will not be responsible if your mod stops working after you have upgraded or altered your files in any way.

Refund Policy

Due to the type of service we offer, we do not issue refunds after the service has been purchased and installed, as long as it is working as was described. If you have any issues with your mod, please contact us as soon as possible. If we find the code was altered since our installation, there will be an hourly charge of $50.00 to repair the mod.

Site Backups

Please ensure that you make a good backup copy of your storeadmin and database before a mod is purchased and installed. Mod Your Cart will not be responsible for the loss or destruction of any modified files once you, your webdesigner or host, alters or moves any of the files on your server.

Terms of Purchase

Each purchase is for installation on 1 domain only and cannot be moved or installed on a second/other domain.

Mod Warranties/Guarantees

All mods are provided "as is", and to the best of our knowledge, are in perfect working order. However, Mod Your Cart offers no guarantee or warranty on the mods.

Mod Your Cart Liability

Mod Your Cart is not responsible for any mods that become inoperable, due to system or template files that have been altered, upgraded or edited.

Privacy Policy

Mod Your Cart does not sell, store, distribute, share or rent any personal information gathered from our site. This information is gathered only for your ordering process.

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